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Creativity for everyone

I am a self-employed illustrator and artist from Upper Austria and have made my great passion – drawing and designing – my profession. In addition, I am active as a filmmaker of animated shorts.

Are you looking for a creative new idea, a unique decoration for your home or do you want to learn more about drawing and illustrating?

I’ll show you my expressive world of illustrations!

Shoot me an e-mail if you like to discuss work.
I am looking forward to your inquiries.

Background & experience

I was born and raised in a little village in Upper Austria. Since childhood, I’d started as an avid doodler. I kept up with the drawing and went to Linz. There I studied graphic design. Upon graduation, I worked at several companies.

As a result, I am still very passionate about developing beautiful designs, based on my practical experience.

Finally, I graduated with a BSc in Media Technology and Design (2016) and a MA in Digital Arts (2019) from the University of Applied Sciences (Austria).

Lisa Mona's background - child on tricycle