Youtube Drawing School – Tutorial Rose Watercolour

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I would like to invite you to my new Youtube channel Lisa Mona’s Drawing School, where you can see my rose watercolor tutorial. In the quick tutorial, you will see every single step, of the process from the blank, white sheet of paper to the final artwork.

My equipment

Paper: Canson Watercolours Din A4 300g
Pencil: Stabilo Swan B
Watercolour pens: Tombow ABT-12P-2 Fibre pen Dual Brush Pen with two tips set, pastel, coloured; Tombow WCS-GR Watercoloring Set Greenery, Tombow WCS-FL
Pentel SESF30C-AX Brush Sign Pen Artist – brush pen with an extra fine brush tip, black
black fine liner, thickness 0.1