Surreal Underwaterworld Germens shirt design

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The past half-year I was thinking a lot about the design for a Germens shirt, where I get a contract to design one piece in spring. I was very glad to get this job from René König back then. It made me think a lot because I’ve never done such a project before, where I had to traditionally paint on a pattern. I loved the experience and the way to go big in printing.

For this design, I worked with a traditional, analogue technique. I chose turquoise as a supporting colour, based on the lake Attersee, nearby where I grew up. The acrylic colours are very rich in contrast, which benefits the motif. The luminosity of the plants in this underwater world describes a surreal artificiality. With this, I created a symbol of our modern times, in which the quality of our waters has greatly decreased and many creatures living in the water have already died. We live on a water planet and yet often do not appreciate the essential value of water. This message was at the centre of my work.

Germens shirts are top quality, produced in Chemnitz, Germany with extraordinary prints from different artists. They’ve already produced a lot of designs. I find this is a great idea for an outstanding outfit. Also, Germens produces everything in Germany and the company is ensuring the highest product quality – from the fabric to the print. Feel free to watch their website.