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Portrait drawings

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In the last few weeks, I have been working on new creative portrait drawings for my shop online. With the works, I show the diversity in my drawing techniques and motifs. Therefore, I used just one reference image. So the customers could compare the styles. I love both the faces of people and our animal friends.

On request, I create individual portrait drawings of you or one of your loved ones. This video shows the different drawing techniques I offer, using a self-portrait:

Traditional illustrated artworks are a perfect complement to any room. I think the high-quality illustration serves as a statement piece and gives your home a personal atmosphere. Also, such artwork is a very personal and special gift for a dear friend or partner.

There are so many constellations possible. If you’re interested in a family portrait for example or a portrait from you and a person you admire, without having just one reference photography, I could easily create a composition out of two or more reference photos. Be aware: the better the person or animal is visible in the photo, the more accurate my drawing will be. Don’t hesitate to request me directly via email your special, very individual idea.