More responsibility for our future

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On 14 June 2022, I took part in the Green EventMore responsibility for our future” at the Kitzmantelfabrik in Vorchdorf. Frau in der Wirtschaft invited with the motto “I am an entrepreneur for more sustainability. Period.”

Mehr Verantwortung für unsere Zukunft


The Kitzmantelfabrik, a 100-year-old former shoe factory, was renovated in a resource-saving way. We were able to see this for ourselves in a guided tour before the actual event. In October 2019, the former industrial site was designated a “Green Location” – making the Kitzmantelfabrik one of the pioneers in Upper Austria.

Kosima Kovar, Original-Foto:©KATOULY David/cityfoto

Women Entrepreneurs Talk

A personal highlight of this evening was the presentation by keynote speaker Kosima Kovar, who successfully combines sustainability with communication with her company sgreening. She sets impulses to question where green marketing ends and greenwashing begins. She also explains how femininity is linked to sustainability. (Photo:©KATOULY David/cityfoto)

A sustainable journey was requested, so I took the local train from Gmunden to Vorchdorf. This entailed an almost three times more time-consuming journey – but also granted me a beautiful view of the Traunsee and the surrounding landscape.

Unfortunately, I missed the last train back at 9:33 pm, as the networking was just getting started and I wanted to talk to the other women entrepreneurs. So in the end, my partner had to pick me up by car.

All in all, it was a great event and I made wonderful contacts with very inspiring strong women.

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