The Bartlhaus Scripture & Local History Museum

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Today I was able to gather a lot of inspiration at the Schrift & Heimatmuseum Bartlhaus. My good friend Sonja Gaigg drew my attention to the current exhibition of the Bartlhaus and we decided to have a look at it together.

Old, traditional craftsmanship fascinates me, especially when they are so delicate. I always wonder how it was possible to realize them with the means available at the time. In the museum, art collections are exhibited in all possible techniques such as wood and linoleum cuts, lithographs, screen printing, and sophisticated copper engraving. In addition, selected, mostly artistic projects are still being realized in the workshop. Most of the old printing machines are not decorative here but are still in use.

Calligrapher Eva Pöll showed us her skills with various nibs in one room. She wields her nib with precision and confidence, without even spilling. You can also take courses with her to educate yourself in this skill. Sonja and I have both been thinking about it and perhaps we will continue our education in this area.