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As a freelance illustrator & animator, I have turned my great passion into my profession.

Since my childhood, I have lived my artistic life. Then I moved to Linz, where I learned graphic design. After graduating from the Kunst & Design HTL, I worked for several companies as a multi-media designer. I was always fascinated by the mixture of technology and design.

Finally, I wanted to further develop my skills at the most renowned university in Austria in the field of multimedia film art with a technical focus. I then also graduated from FH Hagenberg with a Bsc in Media Technology and Design (2016) and an MA in Digital Arts (2019).

Creative partner

After years of successful collaboration with Victoria Wolfersberger, we are a well-established team. We worked together on the short film projects Delusion and Fish for Life, among others, which achieved great international success. Since our core competencies complement each other perfectly, Victoria and I cooperate on many projects.

victoria wolfersberger Film+Media Production


Apps & Games
  • Firesheep Games
  • Handycash
  • Layover Solutions
  • Lazy Learn
  • Imbiss-Stube St. Konrad
  • Melitta INSIGHTS
Home & living
  • Prime Living Terrassen
  • Sodasan
Pharma industry
  • amedes
  • Angelini
  • AstraZeneca
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Janssen
  • Roche
Technology & industry
  • DwarfConnection
  • Technogroup
  • Tetan
  • Vicoland
  • Dostofarm
  • FAF erklärt
  • Lucky Bike
  • Petra Fabian
  • BMH-Images

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